Trail Trek and Centennial Celebration Success!

Trail Trek and Centennial Celebration Success!

The annual Raven Rock Trail Trek was a rousing success this year, doubling last year’s participant numbers. Trekkers hiked 10 miles and were treated to lunch, an event t-shirt, and a wrist band. Organizer, and FRARO Secretary, John Skuce said he was very pleased with the results.

The NC Parks Centennial Celebration, combined with Earth Day and the Disappearing Frogs Project were equally successful. Park staff member, Jessie Summers, pulled together the exhibitors and demonstrations, which included everything from wildlife rescue (owls and other raptors), ponies to pet, wool spinning, master gardeners, to an electric car, composting, and more. Also included was the Disappearing Frogs Project Art Auction, a live band, and artist Bob Palmatier who provided art lessons. Sandwiches were for sale as well as other goodies. Smokey the Bear was on hand, and so was Ribbit the Frog. Everyone had fun including the exhibitors.

Former Raven Rock Park Superintendent, Jeff Davidson, and Division of Parks and Recreation’s Director, Mike Murphy, spoke about Raven Rock and celebrating 100 years of State Parks.

None of this could not have happened without the hard work of all the park staff – make sure you thank them when you visit the park next time.

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