Eight Years in the Making

Eight Years in the Making

The Friends of Raven Rock Bench Program Comes to a Completion

Eight years ago, the Friends of Raven Rock, a dedicated group of park supporters, made a pledge to provide 30 benches for the park. These benches were envisioned as a way for visitors, hikers, and riders to take a moment to rest and enjoy the beauty of Raven Rock.

The Bench Program began enthusiastically, with ten benches quickly donated by people who love the park. These benches were installed in strategic locations throughout the park and offered welcome respites for weary travelers. They quickly became popular spots to soak in the scenery and share stories with fellow park goers.

While donations for the program slowed down over time, the Friends of Raven Rock remained committed to their pledge. Park staff would work hard to install the benches at the requested locations once they were delivered.

Last week, the final two bench donation orders were placed. Once these benches arrive and are installed, the Friends of Raven Rock will have fulfilled their eight-year promise, providing a total of 30 benches for the enjoyment of park visitors.

The completion of the Bench Program is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Friends of Raven Rock and park staff. Their commitment to providing amenities for park visitors has made Raven Rock an even more enjoyable place for everyone.

The benches are more than just places to sit; they are symbols of the community’s love for Raven Rock State Park. They represent a shared commitment to preserving the park’s natural beauty and making it accessible to everyone.

So next time you visit Raven Rock, take a moment to relax on one of the park’s benches. And be sure to thank the Friends of Raven Rock for their dedication to making the park a better place for all.

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