Bike Trails and Notification of a General Membership Board Meeting

Bike Trails and Notification of a General Membership Board Meeting

The long-awaited beginner bike trail loop at Raven Rock State Park will be open to the public September 2, 2017.  Please join Raven Rock Park Staff and the Friends of Raven Rock State Park (FRARO) for opening festivities. Ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the bike trail will be held @ 9:30AM.  Location will be at the bike trail head located in the Moccasin Branch Parking Field on the Eastern end of the park. Signs directing visitors to this event will be posted prior to entering the main park.

This event is weather dependent and may be rescheduled due to rain. Please contact the park directly for updated information as needed.

Free refreshments will be provided by your non-profit park support group FRARO to include donuts, coffee, and water until 1:30PM. Come join us and take this opportunity to meet park staff and your Friends of Raven Rock Board of Directors.

Interested in learning about Raven Rock State Park news & happenings? Please join us at the Visitor’s Center for a General Membership meeting @ 10:00AM.  Interested in being a part of our board? We’ll be voting to fill two at-large Board of Directors positions from our membership during this meeting.

Not a member?  Not a problem!  Feel free to join us as observers during our semi-annual Membership event to be in the know of all the wonderful activities and work going on in your local state park –  RAVEN ROCK!  We are always looking for park supporters!

Interested in membership?  Come aboard with only $10.00/person/year (January – December). Friends of Raven Rock SP is a 501(c)(3) approved charitable organization and directly supports Raven Rock State Park. Visit our tent to find out just how we have helped the park in the past, in the present, and will help in the future.

Required Statement – While everyone is welcome to attend your Friends of Raven Rock Board Meeting, we must mention that only members can cast a vote on topics brought to the membership by the Board of Directors.

Here is our timeline for September 2nd, 2017:

8:30AM — FRARO offers refreshments and welcomes park visitors – Bike Trail Head

9:30AM— Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Bike Trail Head

10:00AM-11:30AM — FRARO General Membership Board Meeting – Visitors Center

11:30AM-1:30PM— FRARO membership drive – Visitors Center

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