2021 Annual Membership Meeting

2021 Annual Membership Meeting

November 18th, 2021 @ 6PM

Raven Rock State Park Visitors Center

Another year is almost gone but the best part is just around the corner. Did you know Raven Rock State Park, and every other state park, has seen record numbers of visitors this year? Just a few years ago I remember thinking what a hidden gem Raven Rock is and wondering what could be done to get the word out. Well, that is no longer a concern and has been well taken care of! Word has spread and the masses have responded! They have taken advantage of the new bicycle trails, the new campgrounds, the improved horse trails on the North Side, and the many scenic walking trails Raven Rock has to offer.

With all that well deserved love and visitation the park needs your support now more than ever. Our group was founded years ago to provide direct support to Raven Rock in thought, action, and funding. Over the years we have provided direct support to park staff, funded improvements to the grounds, provided needed equipment through donations, and have generally been the voice to the public when they can not. As a “Friends” group our goal is to support the Park and provide direct assistance when and where we can. We do this as a fully fledged North Carolina 501c3 charity. What we are unable to do is continue our support without your help. There are many ways to provide support and we appreciate them all. So consider becoming a member of our group and help keep your State Park that hidden gem we all remember!

If you want to do more than provide a donation then we would love to see you at our next meeting. We are always on the lookout for members that want to be advocates for Raven Rock. We have several seats open on our Board so there are opportunities to be had here. There are no special requirements to join other than being a member of FRARO. Having a diverse board can only be beneficial and I look forward to seeing you!

The invite – The Friends of Raven Rock would like to invite you to our Annual Membership meeting at 6PM on Thursday November 18th, 2021. We will be discussing several topics including our continued support of projects to improve Raven Rock State Park. We will also be voting in new board members and planning for the next year. Refreshments will be provided. I hope to see you there!

Rob Hewett
Friends of Raven Rock State Park
P O Box 1572
Lillington, NC 27546-8821

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