New MicroEye Donated

New MicroEye Donated

Friends of Raven Rock (a.k.a. FRARO), has been busy raising funds more than six years through donations and membership drives, and Raven Rock State Park has benefitted.

Over the past six years FRARO has donated a host of items to the park including trail tools; water for volunteers; educational materials; bird food and sugar for Hummingbirds; display cabinets; stamps for passport books; partnered with donors for 21 benches, with a goal for 9 more; and installed a six-foot communal fire ring at the Visitor Center.

The donations haven’t stop there either. FRARO recently donated a wonderful educational tool called a MicroEye. This is a videomicroscope which used high definition and widescreen camera technology providing viewing of a lot of macro specimens on an HDTV screen.  Rocks, fossils, shells, insects, flowers, feathers, you name it. It provides magnifications similar to that of a stereomicroscope (2x – 40x).

Pictured are Park Superintendent John Privette, and Friends of Raven Rock Chair, Rob Hewett with the Park’s new MicroEye.


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