New Fire Pit’s First Burn

A little rain did not dampen the spirits of FRARO members and park staff at the First Burn event held behind the park’s Visitor Center. As a matter of fact, we were treated to a double rainbow at our first burn in the brand new six-foot fire ring which was installed by volunteers and park staff with funds raised by FRARO. This larger-than-life six-foot ring was the brain child of park superintendent, Jeff Davidson. It was the first project he asked FRARO to assist in securing.

With state approved plans for only three-foot fire rings, new plans had to be created in order to calculate the amount of cement, sand and bricks that would be needed for the project.

In the photos you can also see a few of the new park benches that were sponsored through FRARO’s Bench Sponsorship Project. There will be four more benches placed around the fire pit, with other benches going to designated spots on trails where hikers can rest.

Thanks to all the park staff and volunteers who helped make this possible. Be on the lookout for several programs being planned which will utilize this new attraction at the park!

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Connect NC Supports North Carolina State Parks

The Connect NC bond initiative will be voted on by our legislators on June 30th. This bond would allocate over $67 million  to our state parks, a much needed boost considering the constant reduction in the state parks budget every year. Please take a moment and read this letter from Mike Murphy, Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation, and contact your representative today.

Here is another document specific to Raven Rock State Park.

In this video below, the dog you see here is at the Overlook in Raven Rock. There are a few other spots in this video featuring Raven Rock too.