Centennial Celebration!


On Saturday, April 9th, Raven Rock State Park will be having a Big Celebration for 100 years in NC State Parks.

2016 TrailTrek logo-400To day kicks off at 8:30 AM with the Raven Rock Trail Trek, a 10 mile hiking challenge using 5 different hiking trails. This is a $25 pre-registration event.  Registration for Trail Trek is now closed.  Please email friendsofravenrock@gmail.com if you are still interested in participating. 

At 10:00 AM, the Centennial Party will begin at the Visitor Center. 


This will be the final day for the Disappearing Frog Project exhibit, an amphibian related art exhibit that helps create awareness for the decline of amphibians worldwide through the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

recycleBe sure to bring your aluminum cans with you for our recycling drive. You can also bring your veggie and fruit scraps and coffee grounds – the park has two compost bins they’d love to have you add to!

We’ll be taking photos all day long – look for your picture here on our website and on Facebook! You can also share your photos once we’ve posted ours!

In addition to the exhibit, many Earth Day nature-oriented and art exhibitors will be on hand, along with animals, music and art lessons that will fill the day.

Remember April 9th, Raven Rock State Park, rain or shine!

This day is currently being sponsored by the Friends of Raven Rock and the Friends of State Parks.

2016 TrailTrek logo-4002016 Raven Rock Trail Trek

Race Date: Saturday, April 9th 2016   RAIN or SHINE
Race Start: Raven Rock State Park by the Picnic Pavilion
Start Time: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Trail Trek Length: 10 miles
Trails:  Trek will take participants on the Raven Rock, Little Creek, Fish Traps, Campbell Creek, & Lanier Falls Trails.
Advanced Registration: $25

More Info and Registration