New Track Trail

Raven Rock had it’s Grand Opening today for the new kid-friendly Track Trail. For more information on the program, seeĀ Kids in Parks-Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Volunteers Help Install New Picnic Tables

Many hands made light(er) work today when a dozen volunteers (including 5 FRARO members) turned out this morning to help Park staff replace more than 20 older wooden picnic tables with more durable tables. All the tables were placed in the picnic areas. Rain kept us from getting them all settled on blocks – that’s for next week.

The tables were extremely heavy and required no less than four people on each to help move them. Old ones (heavy as well) needed to be removed and the paving blocks needed to be reset before a new table could be placed in the old spot.

Many thanks to Robert Hewett, Steven Giguere, Joshua Sessoms, Ginger Sessoms, Karen Kratz, Alan Kratz, Betty Johnson, Charles, Johnson, Chris McCormick, Carol Deskin, Geoff Theobold and Lee Hardy.