Welcome to Raven Rock

Adventure is closer than you know. Raven Rock is a place of renewal. Nature triumphs as plants compete in the stages of forest succession and the woodlands are restored. High above the Cape Fear River stands Raven Rock, its austere beauty a testament to the forces that have shaped the land. As the river below rushes to join the sea, nature’s elements continue to shape the surface of this natural monument. Spend some time at Raven Rock State Park and let nature refresh your spirit.

Recyclable Items Needed

Park staff are working on programs for the Earth Day Celebration at the Park this coming Saturday the 19th and are in need of the following items. If you have any you can donate, please drop them off at the Visitor Center before Saturday.

  • Cereal boxes, dog biscuit boxes
  • Milk jugs either ½ gallon or gallon with twist off tops not the pop off tops
  • Milk cartons all sizes
  • Two liter bottles
  • Old wrapping paper